WP 3. Construction of adaptation control methods

The main goal of WP3 was defined in Annex 1 as “to construct software framework for effective adaptation control in player-centric serious video games and, as well, to implement it practically using the API of the video game engine of Brainstorm, with a strong help on behalf of the host group”. First, there were defined adaptation control methods for effective adaptation control in player-centric video games based on the player-centric model for controlling adaptivity, according to the project work plan of ADAPTIMES. The adaptation control methods are designed as a software framework defined separately from the Brainstorm API with purpose to be platform-independent and to allow a universal use. Several common and specific design principles have guided the framework creation including definition of patterns for metric evolution and of events triggering transitions in the adaptation model. The core framework concepts were illustrated by UML class diagrams. Second, the framework control algorithm was defined and the software component architecture was created. The designed adaptation control methods serve for implementation of a software framework for adaptive player-centric video game design.

Work package result:

D3 Methods of adaptation control by implicit derivation of the player character during the game play

D4 Software framework for player-centric game adaptation control

Research Fellow

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7-PEOPLE under grant agreement no 624184